fish studios: collaboration

Collaboration: Despite becoming an overused buzzword, it is far from being an empty cliché. It’s now more important than ever. In the right context, it should be spoken about as much as possible.  

As people’s skill sets become increasingly specialised, collaboration is what makes team work successful. But what iscollaboration? And what does it mean for digital and tech trailblazers? Where does it fit into close-knit communities whose simple lives are based on centuries of tradition? How do these two ‘teams’ meet in the middle and discover how to leverage opportunities using the right tools?

In essence, collaboration is when groups of people come together and contribute their expertise for the benefit of a shared objective, project, or mission. More than this, it is a learned skill. Learning to collaborate results in great, momentous outcomes. Things like economic freedom, progress and shared financial sustainability.

give a man a fish

FORUS Digital begins a journey of working alongside The amaGqunukwebe-Prudhoe Community Trust, and as the map opens up and the route starts becoming clearer, so does the apparentness of just how key collaboration and co-operation really is. It’s worth its weight in gold.

The Fish River Resort: A relic that thrived off throngs of tourists flocking to the Sunshine Coast, seeking sunshine and slot machines. Years later a series of events took place, including the loss of their critical-for-turnover gambling license and the world-class resort fell to its knees. Fast forward to the victorious win for The amaGqunukwebe-Prudhoe Community, as they emerge triumphant after their 30 year-long battle to claim back their rightful place, on the land of their fore fathers. The resort, standing strong and bursting with abundant potential. But, do not give a man a fish, as he will only eat for a day: Teach him how. This is the very essence of the collaboration between FORUS and the local community, and the reason why they have embraced the opportunity to manage the resort, the land on which it sits, and its assets – bringing nature, community legacy, and technology together. For the greater good.

Fish Studios: Putting the Mantra to the Test

As part of a multitude of forward-thinking, uplifting and ground-breaking projects, Fish Studios kicks off as the pilot, becoming the first of its kind, making the Eastern Cape a hub – a centre for creativity, collaboration and co-operation. Fish Studios is the beginning of providing help to local communities, where they need it most: allowing them to abide by certain rules. But this time, their rules. Based on their value system. FORUS has a range of tools for these communities, including a banking and advertising platform, empowering the people and enabling them to trade with other communities who share similar beliefs, granting access and shared insights into new markets.

The FORUS co-operative model highlights individual skills, giving everyone a place in the sun. The African sun. These skills are developed through projects and brought together to achieve a collective goal, looking at the bigger picture. A picture of sustainable wealth. Also, motion pictures.

“Our community trading platform is a place where everybody can participate on equal terms, where capital doesn’t rule and where creativity, people and the planet are the things that count.” – Sonny Fisher, Founder of FORUS.

Fish Studios is set to be run by the production industry, for the production industry. It’s about positioning the South African film industry where it needs to be, and raising it higher up the filmmaking food chain, using blockchain, for the 4th Industrial Revolution(4IR). It’s the future of filmmaking, and a new era of entertainment, encompassing traditional film, virtual and augmented reality. There is a great need for quality content, and Fish Studios is ready to deliver. In conjunction with Film Africa there are already 20 production proposals on the table.

Not Just a Token Gesture

Tokenomics is the science of token economy. It covers stable coin’s creation and management. It is how digital money work within a broader ecosystem, including token distribution as well as how they can be used to incentivise positive behaviour among communities and networks.

We use money everywhere. Corporations transact in it, people pay tax with it; without it, people would struggle to have life’s basic necessities: food, clothes, a roof over their heads. Such an inescapable asset, until recently, controlled by governments. Smart money has changed this. Individuals can create their own micro-economies. Tokenomics takes what central banks use as monetary policy and apply it in blockchain networks.

And how do you mitigate risk? Through scale. Capital coming in from the right places, invested into the right projects. FORUS makes sure digital money can be deployed through smart contracts,  which take the risk out of traditional finance. When community assets are tokenised, trust is built through the knowledge of securing revenue, unlocking personal governance. Unlocking personal potential.

The core team behind each project devises the rules on how tokens are created (‘minted’) and how they are injected into, and taken out of, a project or network. Different projects take different approaches. There are vast opportunities for projects across all sectors, in South Africa, and internationally.

On the 16th of June FORUS gathered community leaders, technology gurus and decentralised financing experts to do a deep dive into the potential of Tokenomics, the FORUS platform and the incredible potential of mass onboarding. This happened at The Freedom Conference, hosted at Fish River Studios, marking the launch of the FORUS platform and its’ Digital Co-operative and the start of onboarding of millions of customers globally. The beginning of how communities start taking back their rightful power, re-writing history, starting in a valley full of sunshine – a place full of hope.

A sustainable development set on the banks of the fish river, right in the heart of the Sunshine Coast