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FORUS is a collaborative trading platform built for the sharing economy. But why? The FORUS technology stack was purpose built to allow for collaboration among members, essentially FORUS is a digital Co-operative. A tokenised investment and trading platform, run by its members to collectively invest in economic development initiatives, Just like Fish Studios.

fish studios

Fish Studios will operate entirely using the FORUS Digital platform. This allows for low cost funding, supply chain management and economic development. 


By utilising FORUS, the film industry will be able to collaborate on funding initiatives, allowing anyone to invest in films simply by tokenising each project.

the acronym

FORUS is a digital eco-system of Financial Services, that IS:
Ubiquitous and


asset based Community development

FORUS is conducting regional profiling and looking at all opportunities to create jobs and income.

We will be testing and rolling out a whole bunch of 4IR technology, and will create a combined campus, studio and smart testing ground.

To achieve ubiquity requires certain elements, transport being one of the core sectors. This needs to be deployed with a launch network that has critical mass.

FORUS has already engaged with a number of partners across the Eastern Cape and recognises that the economic success of smaller projects relies on provincial success. The Fish Studios project will complement a number of other significant projects across the region, in Gqeberha, East London and King Williamstown to start.


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economic development

The amaGqunukwebe- Prudhoe Community Trust

FORUS Digital through the African Wealth Fund has leased the land and assets held by the amaGqunukhwebe-Prudhoe Community Trust.

The amaGqunukwebe-Prudhoe Community Trust & FORUS Digital partnership is a use case of how community, nature and technology can come together to create a better normal.

FORUS Digital has the tools to solve the economic problem and the mechanism to invest in SA rural and township communities. Fish Studios will up-skill this community to work on projects that include set building.

The community will also have access to the Fish Studios academy which will be pioneered by the Tswane University of Technology.

fish studios

the film industry

The upside for the local community includes job creation (the FORUS slate of films being financed through our film fund will create over 2200 jobs.)Any of the productions using the location would be incentivised to engage in training, skills development and increase local employment opportunities.

The real unique opportunity for the industry is where the business, community and film productions intersect. The regional impact will include the development of new industries to support productions for example set building.

FORUS and partners will ensure that best practices are applied to training and development as well as social impact throughout the production process. The industry already have established practices and tools to set the best possible starting place.

A sustainable development set on the banks of the fish river, right in the heart of the Sunshine Coast